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Image of shocked monkeys with the words 'Why I do not design logos in Canva'

You might have seen that I offer design services in Canva but you may be interested to learn that I don’t design logos in Canva. Whilst in theory it’s possible to create logos on Canva and they even offer templates to use, they’re probably not suitable for larger companies or those looking to legally trademark their designs. When providing logos for my clients I tend to use Adobe design software as this offers me a wider range of tools. 

That being said, for the hobbyist or small business startup, a Canva logo may suit you just find but for those looking to build an empire, you should think again.

Here’s 5 strong reasons why I, a dedicated Canva user and lover, will not design logos in it:

#1 Logos can’t be trademarked 👎

If you use the logo templates provided by Canva, even if you customise them, you’re not able to trademark these. You’re also not able to trademark anything from Canvas stock libraries such as photos or graphics. According to Canva’s website you can trademark logos which you design yourself using only basic lines, shapes and fonts but I’d advise you to get legal advice on this from an IP lawyer to be sure. If you’re not concerned about being able to trademark, such as if you’re only just starting out, then Canva may be a great solution to get started. 

#2 You don’t own the intellectual property rights 👎

When designing in Canva you are licensed to use the designs and related elements but you do not necessarily own the IP. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, including designs and symbols, which are protected by copyright and trademarks. If you create the design elements yourself then generally you count as the creator and copyright owner. Canva lets you use third-party content, from its content libraries, giving you non-exclusive licence to use elements in your designs. Therefore you can’t be sure when designing on Canva if you own the intellectual property rights.

#3 Limited design features 👎

Canva only has limited ability when it comes to designing custom shapes or adapting fonts as it doesn’t have all the tools available in other design softwares. An example of this is that Illustrator has a pen tool and shape building tools allowing designs to be created exactly how you imagined. I flipping love Canva! But it does not currently have every single tool that I need. Will it ever? Who knows! These professional tools are complicated to learn and Canva prides itself on being an easy-to-use solution. Personally, I get everything I need from Canva’s current tools and only come up against limitations when designing logos… Which I don’t do on there anymore!

#4 Designs aren’t vectorised 👎

Canva doesn’t create logos as vectors which means that distortion may happen when resizing, especially when enlarging an image. It can also mean that you lose out on details in your logo. Whilst there is the option to download as an SVG vector but this isn’t the same as designing in vector form. There’s something reassuring and high value in having a logo design as an .ai or .eps file, particularly if you want to do a marketing campaign on say billboards, where the graphics need to be made HUGE!

#5 Elements or fonts could be removed 👎

As discussed, elements, and also fonts, are licensed to Canva but what if those elements or fonts are removed at some point? You could then end up with a logo featuring unlicensed elements or fonts that could cause issue later down the line. Of course, the probability is that most will stay loaded in the Canva library as assests but there is always a risk with licensed products.

Those are the reasons why I don’t currently design logos in Canva but I love using Canva so hope that one day these other tools may be added into Canva. Until that day comes I design my logos in Illustrator and can upload them to my Canva library when incorporating logos into other designs. 

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