Indy Workflow Automation

Streamline Your 1:1 Workflow and Save Hours Each Week 🔄

As a business owner, it’s very easy to find yourself multitasking on a daily basis; balancing trying to grow your business with smaller admin tasks that help your business tick along. In the early days when you first started out, it was probably doable but now as you’ve become busier, the scales are out of kilter and the overwhelm is setting in. For you to grow and scale your business, you need to be working in your zone of genius, not getting bogged down by admin tasks that take your time away from you. By working with me and outsourcing all those little tasks that you could do without, you could reclaim hours in your working day. Delegating out the tasks that you really shouldn’t be doing now will give you the space to do what you do best – building your business and growing it. Delegating and outsourcing is the fastest way to thrive, grow and scale.

Inbox Management to Launches and Everything In-Between

✅ Reclaim hours each week in your business
If you’re spending hours doing admin and niggly tasks, you’re losing time that could be spent working on your business and getting more sales.

✅ No more to-do list
If your to-do list has become completely overwhelming and you’re not even sure how or where to start, it is time to pass it on and let me work through it for you.

✅ Streamline your admin processes
If everything is all over the place and tasks are coming at you from all angles, you’re ready to get everything streamlined and well sorted by someone who can organise it all properly for you.

Here’s some tasks that I could help you with:

Admin – Typing letters, sending emails, copy and audio typing, general systems maintenance, invoicing, customer service and onboarding/offboarding

Tech – Setting up tech, creating forms, website admin, tech maintenance, automations, sequences, sales page admin, landing page and forms

Marketing – Social media posting, email marketing, podcast shceduling, podcast show notes, blog writing, repurposing content, Canva and creating freebies

Courses – Course setup, graphics, course maintenance, launch support, webinar setup, FB groups admin, setting up systems and tech

Service Details and Packages

I work with clients on a regular monthly retainer basis. We work together for a minimum of 3 months, which means my time is secured for you. Invoices are sent monthly along with a time report, so you can see the time I’m spending on different tasks. Payments are via bank transfer and in GBP for UK clients and via PayPal in GBP for international clients (additional 5% fee applies for PayPal transactions).

Retainer Packages
10 Hours £350
15 Hours £525
20 Hours £700

Please note that I can work with other hour packages too, please get in touch to discuss. My minimum monthly for retainer rate is 8 hours per month.

My Retainer Rate is £35ph
My Ad-hoc Project Rate is £40ph