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Image of shocked monkeys with the words 'Why I do not design logos in Canva'

Canva has recently released a new AI feature called Text to Image which can revolutionise the experience even for the non-designer. Text to Image is Canva’s answer to AI image generation, letting you create the perfect image by simply entering a text prompt. The image produced can look like a photo, 3D image, drawing, fine art, comic or digital art style. 

How do I use the tool? ⚙️

Using the AI feature is easy and delivers results in seconds. You simply type what you’re looking for in, select the style you’d like and watch the magic take place.  The more specific you can be, including keywords and phrases, the better the result you’ll get as the AI tool only uses what you tell it to produce the results. 

Which Canva users can get access? 🌟

If you have a free canva account you can access up to 50 lifetime queries, unless you upgrade to a paid option you won’t be able to generate any further Text to Image results. 

Those who have one of the below account types can access up to 500 queries per user, per month:

  • Canva Pro
  • Canva for Teams
  • Canva for Not-for-profits 
  • Canva for Education Users 

The limit for each user and refreshed at midnight (UTC) on the last day of the month. It’s also worth knowing that if your text prompt doesn’t generate an image this doesn’t count as a use. At the bottom of the Text to Image sidebar there’s a useful count to help you keep track of how many uses you have left.

What can I use Text to Image for? 🌈

So now you know what it is, how to use Text to Image, and how many images you can generate. You probably want to know what sort of things you could use it for and how to make it valuable to your business, so here’s some ideas for use. 

🌟 Custom backgrounds – Create custom backgrounds to use on your Canva designs to have truly unique designs which look exactly how you imagined.

🌟 Create and sell surface patterns – You can create patterns and make passive income by selling them as surface patterns for use on wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabrics and floor coverings. This lets you get passive income 

🌟 Print-on-demand –Similarly you could create designs and upload them to a print on demand site where you can make passive income by selling the designs to be printed on mugs, T-shirts etc. 

🌟 Branding Inspiration and Marketing Assets –When looking for branding inspiration or new marketing assets you can use text-to-image to create unique images and use the colour picker function to create colour palettes for your brands. 

🌟 Visualise ideas – The text-to-image tool can also help you to visualise new concepts, product ideas and experiment easily with different ideas. You can make the early creative stages easier for you by outsourcing thinking to AI using your text prompts. 

Now you’ve got lots of ideas of how to use Canvas’ new AI feature and know how to get started. It’s time to explore and see what you can create! If you need any help on how to use Canva for your business then get in touch to arrange a 1:1 Canva training session. 

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