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Canva provides the option for pro users (or other paid options) to remove backgrounds from photos in a quick and simple way. Removing the background from images is a common photo editing technique which usually requires lots of technical skill or special software but Canva makes it easy for anyone to do. It’s literally one of the best tools on Canva IMO and worth the Pro subscription alone just for this!!

Why might you want to remove a background? 🤔

You might want to remove the background when creating social media posts, documents, marketing materials or for a personal project such as creating mood boards or collages. Removing the background stops people being distracted by a busy background, helping you to communicate with them more effectively. You can also change the background with another image to communicate the message you desire or to make the object more prominent. Basically, it opens up a world of possibilities and creativity with pretty bog standard images!

You are able to remove backgrounds of up to 500 images every 24 hours for images under 9MB. The image will have a maximum resolution of 10MP after the background is removed – if the original photo was less than 10MP then the image will stay at the original resolution. 

A step-by-step guide of how to remove backgrounds in Canva

🌟 Step 1 – Upload your own image or select one from the extensive image library.

🌟 Step 2 – Click on the ‘edit photo’ button on the toolbar at the top. 

🌟 Step 3 – Select ‘background remover’ from the left side panel.

🌟 Step 4 – Watch the background disappear as if my magic! Or click ‘erase’ if it hasn’t deleted it automatically.

🌟 Step 5 – If you’re happy with the result, proceed to step 7. 

🌟 Step 6 – If you’re not happy with the result you can either select ‘restore’ to have the full background back or you can make small edits using the ‘Erase’ and ‘Restore’ brushes. This lets you manually restore or remove the background, with the option to see the original image whilst doing this to assist you. 

🌟 Step 7 – Once you’re happy select ‘Apply’ and save as a png with transparent background. Voila!

Top tip: Images in your ‘Projects’ folder can also have their backgrounds removed but you can’t use the Erase and Restore brushes here. 

And there you go you’ve now removed the background on a photo and can do 499 more today! You could also try adding different backgrounds to see what results you can achieve 🤩

P.S. If you’re struggling when downloading with the background reappearing, try refreshing your page and clicking on the padlock to ‘lock’ this layer and try again.

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