Canva Training 1:1 for Individuals, Groups and Teams

Learn to Use Canva like a Designer Does 🌟

If there’s two things that I love, it’s Canva and training. Putting the two together is an award winning combination for me and so, as you can imagine, it perfectly places me to offer the best kind of Canva training! I train individuals, groups and teams. For individuals, often it will be getting to grips using and designing with Canva for their business. For groups and teams, I’ll often run group Canva training, both online and in-person, training workplace and teams how to up-level their skills and content using Canva. I train all levels from tech phone beginners to professional Designers looking at learning to use Canva technically. I want you to be able to use Canva like a Designer does! Whatever your level, passionate and patient is available to help you to get confident with Canva.

Bespoke Tailored Training

I offer training that is fully adaptable and tailored to the individual. Fluidity in training is key so I can help you get the most out of your experience training with me. Whatever you are considering booking training for or whatever you require help with, I can help you. Training could look like:

➵ Learning the ins and out of using Canva including all the different tools

➵ A show around and test drive of Canva 

➵ Watch me and design with me training as we collaboratively design together 

➵ Over the shoulder watch me as I can design for you 

➵ A Designer who would like to learn how to use Canva technically including learning about like for like Illustrator or Photoshop tools

➵ An experienced Canva user who would like to increase their graphic design theory and technical skills

The opportunities are endless and as an experienced Trainer with over 10 years post training qualification experience, you can guarantee enriching training.