The Social Content Package

Uniquely Branded Bespoke Designs 🦄 

Being a busy business owner, it can hard to find the time to design for your socials and your business. You know that you are missing a trick by not putting out the best content that you can but finding the time between servicing clients and running a business leaves little time left for anything else. Outsourcing Canva design is something that has become a necessity for many of my clients. Templates do not offer the individuality that they need to attract new customers and DIY-ing it leaves them swirling in creative doom. By hiring me as your friendly Canva Designer next door, you can guarantee fresh and unique designs. Everything that I design is designed as I would if I were to use professional design software. My designs are different and often, people think that I have designed them in pro design software, not Canva! I proudly build from scratch every single time – I don’t use templates, nor do I rehash designs. What you get from me is 100% freshly squeezed juicy designs that your followers are going to LOVE. 

Designing Pins to Podcasts 📲 

The beauty of designing in Canva is that the opportunities are endless. I can design anything from digital to print with the only limit being my imagination. Understanding how overwhelming it can be as a user given the possibilities, I can help remove the overwhelm off your plate and replace it with ease. 

What exactly could I design for you?

➵ Monthly Instagram and social content including Reels, Stories, carousels and static posts. 

Monthly Pinterest content including pins and short form videos pins. 

Marketing designs such as lead magnets, eBooks, workbooks and service guides 

Monthly membership assets including guides, workbooks and social graphics. 

Podcast deliverables including podcast covers, episode art, quote pull graphics, audiograms graphics and show notes graphics. 

Print design items such as business cards, price lists, leaflets and posters.

Other items including journals, welcome guides, onboarding items, CRM portal graphics, book covers and so much more!

This is by no means an exhaustive list – ask me what you need and I’ll see what I can do!

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