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Did you know that as well as Canva’s ‘Text to Image’ AI feature there is also a Magic Write tool? If you’ve tried out ChatGTP then you’ll be familiar with how Magic Write works – simply enter a text prompt to receive a personalised response based on your prompt. You could think of it as a copywriting assistant who can produce instant content! It’s been created in partnership with OpenAI to let you write anything in seconds. 

Who can use Magic Write? 🪄

Suitable for everyone regardless of your writing experience, but especially helpful for creating social media captions and other business documents. Currently Magic Write supports 20 different languages and is available to all users. Canva Free users have 25 lifetime uses, but those with a paid for version have up to 250 uses, per user, per billing month. 

Why use Magic Write? 🪄

🌟 Social Solutions
Magic Write can write social captions for you, which when paired with Canva Design creates a complete solution to social content creation. The ideal way to quickly prepare your posts without needing to spend endless hours coming up with ideas and matching your images to the perfect captions – let AI take on the hard work for you! 

⚡ Go Beyond Social Content
It can write more than just captions for you from blog posts to business plans or even poetry! Some ideas of more things it can write for you are brainstorming ideas, marketing plans, emails, birthday cards, invites, meeting agendas or even thank you notes! You can also have your existing text rewritten, ideal for if you need to change the format or paraphrase a large section. 

How do you get the Best Results? 🪄 

The quality of the writing depends on the prompts being inputted so ensure that you’re descriptive and tell it exactly what you want. It will only generate based on the prompt you give it, so the more context and instruction you provide the better the result you’ll get. Another consideration when using Magic Write is that there’s a 1500 word input and 2000 word output limit, so generated text may not be complete. 

It’s best to use the produced text as a foundation which you add your personal touch to ensure it sounds genuine and matches your tone of voice. This also keeps the text you use unique to you. You can include a tone of voice prompt when writing your initial ideas down to help with this process. 

Remember to experiment and keep tweaking until it gives you exactly what you want, you don’t need to be a skilled writer to use the tool, just make sure you check the output for accuracy and keep in mind that the data and information used is only up to mid 2021 currently so produced text may contain outdated information. 

Magic Write is an innovative tool which will save you valuable time, letting you move straight from ideas to editing. All you’ll need to do is proofread and edit your results, cutting down the time you’d spend thinking and typing usually. If you’ve already created your text and get stuck or feel it needs rewriting, then Magic Write can help here too, simply input your existing text into the prompt box alongside instructions of what you need and watch the magic take place. Have fun seeing what you can create and enjoy the time you’ll save!

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