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Image of shocked monkeys with the words 'Why I do not design logos in Canva'

Canva is great for letting anyone create designs and produce professional looking results, offering access to many templates, stock images, fonts and more. However when using the free version you don’t have access to everything and may have noticed the ‘Pro’ label or gold crown symbol on certain things you’d like to use. You can unlock these and many more benefits by becoming a Canva Pro user. 

Here’s some of the key benefits:

Premium Templates and Elements 👑
As mentioned above becoming a pro user gives you access to even more stock images, templates, videos, audio, graphics and more. This is great for establishing your brand presence and for social media use. 

Brand Kits 🌈
Using brand kits helps you to build and create designs with consistency, which enhances professionalism and continuity. You can create up to 100 different kits, keeping your brand assets together in one place, making it easy to create on-brand content. You can save your logos, fonts, colour palettes and more together, saving you time from searching for them each time. 

Magic Resize 💗
The ideal solution when you realise you’ve created a stunning design in an Instagram template but actually wanted to post on LinkedIn! The Magic Resize tool lets you resize designs infinitely, making using the wrong format no longer an issue. 

Background Remover 🖼️
A brilliant feature to create graphics and cut out part of designs which are undesired. The thresholds can be easily adjusted and one click can remove image and video backgrounds. Check out my post here for a detailed explanation of this tool. 

AI Powered Designs 🤖
AI tools can help you to create content with ease and deliver fast results. 

Canva includes the following AI powered tools currently:

  • Magic Write – Write a prompt and get a pre written text output 
  • Beat Sync – Automatch your video footage to your soundtrack 
  • Magic Eraser – Remove unwanted areas of images 
  • Translate – Over 100 languages available
  • Magic Edit – Add or replace elements in your image 
  • Shape Assist – Hand draw shapes and have them polished up
  • Text to Image – Provide a prompt to receive an AI designed image 
  • Magic Design – Create presentations or templates by uploading a prompt or image 

In addition to the above features and those included for free users you’ll also get the following when becoming a Pro user:

  • Schedule social media content with Content Planner
  • Keep your designs safe with 1TB of Cloud Storage 
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Design Animations
  • Import and Transform existing design files
  • Integrate Canva with existing tools and socials 

Currently Canva Pro is available for one person at £12.99 for a monthly or £99.99 for a yearly subscription – if you’re able to paying yearly will save you 16%!

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