Creative & Tech Virtual Assistant 🌈

Hi, I’m Hayley. I’ve been a VA since 2018 and have worked with many different business owners helping them to organise their admin, tweak their tech, create graphics and reclaim time in their business. Backed by many happy clients, I provide a friendly, professional and creative service to make your business life easier. Well versed in all sorts of tech, creatively skilled and an efficient assistant, you can rely on me when you hand over the keys to your business. As well as being a VA, I am also an experienced Graphic Designer, which means that I create beautiful branding and websites that wow for clients. Having a great online presence is essential and your website is your online calling card. I have designed 100’s of websites and even more logos. I know what works and love to create something that clients are proud of and their clients love. I use professional design software and I am a qualified Graphic Designer. Rest assured, I create all designs with strategy, design theory and unique ideas to build the perfect brand. If you need to refresh your logo or it’s time to embrace a new website identity, I can help design the perfect assets for you. Whether you are looking for monthly VA hours, branding or website design, I can help!

Your Online Business Unicorn 🦄

If you’re struggling to find the time to get things done in your business and ready to pass over the nitty gritty tasks, I can help you to reclaim precious hours in your business. I offer a flexible and regular monthly service of support which you can use as needed to support you in your business. This could look like help with general admin, setting up tech, launch prep, creative content design or anything else that you need. I have a lot of experience so there isn’t much that I haven’t already gained experience in over the past 5 years. Not only am I well versed in all things creative but also Tech too. In fact, I’m a real tech head so you can rely on me to sort of backend of your operations out so you don’t have to have that stress! Whether you need help with content creation, funnels, CRM, launches or anything else, I have the skills and experience to help you.

Designs to Elevate your Business ✨

There’s no escaping from the fact that social media is absolutely essential for a business. Not only can it significantly improve your business’s reach, it helps you to gain trust and attract new customers. Posting content that is relevant, engaging and on-brand is essential to hit these sale sweet spots. It’s essential to create designs that are original and unique, not just tweaking a template. By creating something from scratch either by yourself or have a friendly Canva creative do it (…Hiya!), you can level up your business and stand out from the crowd. Reels, carousels, videos, pins… All of these posts are opportunity gems to help your social shine. If you’re struggling to find the time to create content yourself, got designer’s block or need someone to show you how under the hood works, I’m your girl.

Working with Me 🫶

If you would like to discuss working with me, please get in touch to discuss further.

Virtual Assistant

Monthly and project based VA services including admin, social, tech, creative, funnels, CRM, launches and more.

Design Services

Custom designs include content creation such as Reels, Carousels, Pins to Lead Magnets to Mockups and more.

Canva 1:1 Training

Direct 1:1 training with Hayley for all levels of Canva experience from Beginners to Experienced Designers. 

Flourish Online with Canva 🌸

Anyone can use Canva but not everyone can use it to its full potential. Anyone can edit a template but not everyone can create something epic from scratch. By creating your own designs and using Canva with ease, you can not only strategically design but you will break the mould with what you create. Unleash your creativity and allow Canva to be your tool of choice. You won’t believe the magic that you can create when you can effortlessly use the tools that Canva has to offer. I love to train others in the art of Canva and empower them to create designs with a bedrock of design theory. Combining design theory with the power of Canva will result in you feeling confident  and ready to experiment with your own creative expression. 

Canva Design Blog 🌈

Social Captions DFY with Canva Magic Write

Social Captions DFY with Canva Magic Write

Did you know that as well as Canva’s ‘Text to Image’ AI feature there is also a Magic Write tool? If you’ve tried out ChatGTP then you’ll be familiar with how Magic Write works - simply enter a text prompt to receive a personalised response based on your prompt. You...

Canva FREE vs Pro: Which is Better?

Canva FREE vs Pro: Which is Better?

Canva is great for letting anyone create designs and produce professional looking results, offering access to many templates, stock images, fonts and more. However when using the free version you don’t have access to everything and may have noticed the ‘Pro’ label or...

What on Earth is Canva AI?

What on Earth is Canva AI?

Canva has recently released a new AI feature called Text to Image which can revolutionise the experience even for the non-designer. Text to Image is Canva’s answer to AI image generation, letting you create the perfect image by simply entering a text prompt. The image...